Thursday, February 10, 2011

Drinking on Television

Does alcohol on TV make you bend the elbow?

I have a guest post at All About Addiction covering a journal article in Alcohol and Alcoholism with the unambiguous title: “Alcohol Portrayal on Television Affects Actual Drinking Behaviour.”

It is an easy and familiar accusation. Over time, it has been levied at violent video games, drug use in the movies and alcohol advertising of every stripe. But what is the actual evidence for it? Leave it to a group of Dutch scientists to design a practical experiment to test the proposition when it comes to drinking.... More.

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D22 Zone said...

Intersting read my man, keep up the good work!

NoMoreTrouble said...

As an alcoholic and addict I definitely feel like drinking when I see sensational alcoholic ads and ad placements on commercials and TV shows... I try to stay away from particular shows so I don't have to see that (and I always just change the channel).

Brad Fallon said...

I don't think we have to put all the blame on the ads. Though it probably influenced some but I think it is still your choice. It really is up to you if you will let it influenced your life. It's your decision.

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