Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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News and views from the drug blog at The Fix.

A selection of recent posts I've written at The Fix, where I edit the blog as senior contributing editor. Some stuff you may not have run across. Here’s an even dozen from June:

Dutch Court Ruling Leaves Cannabis Shop Open to Tourists—For Now
Maastricht pot shop reopens, but Dutch politicians continue with crackdown.

What Really Drives Americans to Drink?
Feeling Thirsty? Average Americans guzzled 20 gallons of beer and 45 gallons of soft drinks per person last year. They also downed 18.5 gallons of coffee and a surprising 20 gallons of milk.

China Unveils Radical New Approach to Drug Treatment
In a stunning about-face, the new drug regulations opt for voluntary rehab over mandatory detention.

25% of Car Crash Victims Test Positive For Drugs
Over 25% of drivers who are fatally wounded in accidents test positive for drugs other than alcohol.

The Crocodile That Dines on Dying Addicts
Russia’s newest bathtub morphine is a nightmare straight from Naked Lunch.

Smoking Bans Don’t Decrease Smoking, Study Finds
Anti-smoking ordinances protect people from secondhand smoke, but they don’t help smokers quit.

The “Buzzed” Driver: Drunk Enough to Matter?
Recent study argues for near-zero tolerance in blood-alcohol levels for drivers.

Traumatic Events Linked to Sharp Increase in Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Drug abusers and heavy drinkers are more likely to ramp up their intake after natural disasters.

Report Spells Out Tragedy of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Medical workers are getting better at recognizing FAS, but treatment funds are scarce.

The High Cost of Rehab
The treatment industry is expected to become a $34 billion business by 2014. Do you get what you pay for?

Meth is Less Rewarding When You've Got a Social Life
Animal study shows how a solid social network helps protect against drug abuse--by literally changing the way the brain works.

China's "Brain Acupuncture" Addiction Cure
Brain electrodes are being used by Chinese neurosurgeons to treat heroin addiction.

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