Monday, April 19, 2010

Three Drug-Related Posts (Good Ones)

And a plea for your vote.

The DrugMonkey blog, written by an anonymous NIH-funded biomedical researcher,  takes on the question of why doctors dislike narcotics abusers but tolerate drinkers and smokers, and investigates whether there is something about opiates that “turns you into a jerk" in a post titled “Does one drug cause the user to be more annoying?”

Also at DrugMonkey this month, “UK Bans Mephedrone” is  a succinct summation of the dizzy panic going on in the UK over a new party drug that has similarities to the African drug khat. Did Britain institute a hasty and ill-considered ban on the substance based on political rather than scientific concerns?

Over at the Neuroskeptic blog, a British neuroscientist presents some intelligent background to the renewed interest in psychedelic research in his post, “Serotonin, Hallucinations & Psychosis.”

And lastly--although this couldn't possibly be any more off topic--my favorite tourist village--Ely, Minnesota--is currently leading the contest for "American's Coolest Small Town" at Budget Travel magazine's online site HERE.

If you are at all familiar with Ely (Gateway to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Land of Sky Blue Waters, Canoe Capital of America, Summer Home to Ten Thousand Paddling Boy Scouts) vote early and vote often! Contest closes May 9.

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