Friday, February 12, 2010

A Seaside Story of Love and Junkies

Documentary airs today on VBS.TV

A reminder that drug addiction is always, at bottom, about real people in the real world: The online video service VBS.TV is offering the first of a 6-part documentary on the underreported heroin epidemic in South Wales.

Swansea Love Story,” according to its promoters, “follows the lives of a community of young heroin addicts living in an economically ravaged city of South Wales.”

Co-director Andy Kapper said in a press release: “I wanted to make this film because we were tired of seeing homeless young people being portrayed as little more than statistics. Documentaries about drug use often come out pious and fail to really get to know the people behind the drug usage. We wanted to show what it was like to live on the street, under the grip of heroin, as realistically as possible.”

The London Evening Standard called it “stunning, shocking, touching,  and deeply moving.”

I watched Part One. It's only seven minutes long, but it will sit you up straight.

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